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Food Vending Machine

Festival Food Vending Machine

Festival displays a wide range of products from pre-packed sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and pastries to plated meals (9" diameter). Food is correctly preserved then dispensed 24 hours a day. An innovative air flow system allows an even distribution of temperature or can be adjusted for each drum, to suit the products displayed – no soggy pastries! Prices are displayed electronically which enhances the look of the machine.

  • Up to 150 selections can be displayed at any time
  • Compact yet allowing a 9 inch plate to be vended
  • Contemporary design with a back lit photographic panel
  • Complimentary range of drink, snack and can vendors
  • Houses 3 payment systems – note, coin, cashless
  • Two models offering either 8 or 10 drums
  • Simple direct selection push button service
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The Festival is great for:

Medium to large offices, staff canteens, hospitals, education, leisure.

The Festival Food Vending Machine can hold:

150 selections


Height 1830mm : Width 850mm : Depth 985mm : Weight 348kg

Why choose Quench for your Festival Food Vending Machine?

Here at Quench we are with you every step of the way...


  • Brand your equipment
    Company logo/colours
  • Machine housing
  • Create your own coffee shop environment


  • Free installation
  • Stocking and cleaning
  • Service and maintenance


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fast response times
  • Personal account management

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