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Healthy Snack Vending Machines

BevMax 4

Snacks, cans and bottle

BevMax 4 is a greener, more reliable and technologically advanced merchandiser that vends a large variety of cans, PET and glass bottles. The robotic arm smoothly retrieves each vended product with little or no agitation and reliably delivers every time. With market leading vend speeds it's the perfect solution for busy environments. The machine is available in two model sizes, 35 selections and 45 selections increasing its versatility even further. The large illuminated glass front of the BevMax 4 is lit by long-life low energy LED lighting, providing consumers with a clear unobstructed view of all products available. The all new touch screen "shopping cart" feature is reminiscent of online/smartphone purchases.

  • Market leading vend speed - the perfect solution for busy vend areas
  • Customised branding options for corporate/product identity
  • Vends 500ml bottles on all trays, increasing product selection
  • 35 select model - Standard capacity of 5 trays, 35 products, total capacity 315 items
  • 45 select model - Standard capacity of 5 trays, 45 products, total capacity 405 items
  • Increased vend reliability - fault rate is 1 in 39,000 vends
  • EVA EMP rating of A++
  • Low energy LED lighting
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Model35 - Height 1830mm : Width 990mm : Depth 813mm : Weight 247kg
Model45 - Height 1830mm : Width 1181mm : Depth 813mm : Weight 333kg

Why choose Quench for your BevMax 4 Snack Vending Machine?

Here at Quench we are with you every step of the way...


  • Brand your equipment
    Company logo/colours
  • Machine housing
  • Create your own coffee shop environment


  • Free installation
  • Stocking and cleaning
  • Service and maintenance


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fast response times
  • Personal account management

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