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Industries We Serve

Here at Quench Me we provide the ultimate refreshment solution to businesses up & down the UK. We supply an array of industries with vending machines, coffee machines, water coolers and other refreshment stations. Below are a few of the industries that we serve;

Gym & Leisure Centre Vending

With more and more consumers becoming increasingly conscious of healthier diets and regular exercise, sports nutrition vending machines are being used regularly within gym and leisure centres. Take a look at how we could improve your health centre.

Waiting Room Vending

Waiting in queues seems to take up a majority of our time, whether that is in the Doctors waiting room, garages, delivery depots or the hairdressers. Make the time spent queuing enjoyable with a delicious snack from one of our many suitable waiting room vending machines.

Break Area Vending

When you're at work and craving that fix to get you through the afternoon, visiting the vending machine in your break area is a perfect way of getting that fix. Whether that be a sugary drink, a yummy chocolate bar or a healthy piece of fruit from one of our healthy vending machines. There's something for everyone this break time.

Restaurant Vending

Enhance the experience your customers have and stand out from your competitors by having a high quality coffee machine in your restaurant. Your guests have the choice to take a delicious coffee home with them. This boosts customer satisfaction and could even gain you repeat business, the coffee is that good!

Hotel Vending

Install a Coffee Machine or a Vending Machine into your hotel and watch your guests enjoy coffee and snacks at their own convenience. Our hotel vending machines and coffee machines are perfect for those hours where refreshment services may not be available, don't leave your guests wanting refreshment's, take a look at our hotel vending machines now.

Coffee Shop Vending

Have a coffee shop that could do with some healthy snacks at quick and easy convenience? Take a look at our coffee shop vending machines and let the ideas spark. Fill your vending machines with crisps, fruit or nuts. Alternatively load in fresh produce and have sandwiches, cakes or salads ready for your customers to self serve.

Board Room Vending

Over the recent years, we have seen a huge increase in the UK coffee market. With the UK seeing an 8 times growth rate over the British economy with a £6.3 billion average spend each year. Install a coffee machine or a vending machine into your board room and watch how your meetings improve with the refreshing and delicious coffee we have to offer.

School Vending

Students are increasingly swapping out alcohol for coffee with a 31% increase in the consumption of lattes in the last 3 years. Get a coffee machine, healthy vending machine or water cooler in your school and watch the transformation of improved learning begin. Studies show that students who are actively hydrated and nourished learn study and enjoy their time at school better than those who don't. Take a look at our School vending machines.

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