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Our Environmental Policies

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The environment is important to us and we know it is important to our customers too. We trade with partners who take their environmental responsibilities seriously and are proud suppliers of fairly traded goods so you can enjoy great tasting drinks, safe in the knowledge that those involved in the planting and harvesting get a fair deal. Here are a few examples of the schemes we support.

The Rainforest Alliance

Certification allows farmers to demand a higher yield for their produce, thus earning a better living for themselves and their families. To meet the standards, farmers must commit to continuous improvements in worker welfare, farm management and environmental protection. Farmers learn how to improve their productivity and reduce costs by reducing pesticide use, eliminating waste and introducing better farming techniques. Workers earn decent wages and have access to better housing, education and welfare. Sustaining the earth's people and places for decades to come.

Brighter Tomorrow at Origin

Works with the farmers from a co-operative in the Kiambu district of Kenya to help them improve the quality of their coffee, which in turn allows helps them to command a higher price for their whole yield.


Shows a commitment to paying coffee growers in particular a fair and proper price for their hard won crops. This can be 3 times more than the free market price. The growers also receive a premium that they can invest in local community projects.

Children of the Andes

A great charity supporting severely disadvantaged children in Colombia - from street kids, to disabled children, victims of violence, land mines orphans and working children.

Save a Cup

We encourage customers to subscribe to the Save a Cup scheme. This is a not-for-profit organisation that collects and recycles polystyrene (plastic) cups. These are then processed into flakes which are sold for the manufacture of office essentials such as rulers and pencils.


Regulations are met with the disposal of all end of life vending machines by us.


Recycling of vending machine parts, waste paper, cardboard and our office supplies is carried out whenever possible.

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